reSource transmedial culture berlin


reSource transmedial culture berlin

reSource transmedial culture berlin


reSource: What?

The 'reSource transmedial culture berlin' is an initiative of the transmediale festival for art and digital culture, that happens throughout the year in the city of Berlin. The reSource extends into ongoing activities with decisive touchdowns at each festival. The objective of the reSource is to act as a link between the cultural production of art festivals and collaborative networks in the framework of art and technology.


reSource: Who?

From September 2011 to February 2014 it was curated and developed by Tatiana Bazzichelli, in cooperation with CTM/DISK, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien and the Post-Media Lab of the Leuphana University of Lueneburg. In the words of Tatiana Bazzichelli, "the reSource aims to create a trans-genre project of networking, curating and research by envisioning the festival as a peer-production context of sharing knowledge and practices in the field of art and technology, hacktivism and politics". It continues in this spirit as both a process of distributed curating and research and as a framework for transmediale's all-year programme activities.


reSource: Why?

Source codes are useful to modify a program or understand how it works. Taking this notion more broadly, reSource is used as a starting point from which a distributed sharing process, and a common executable (artistic) program, is produced. The aim is to keep developing a distributed platform for art and digital culture within the context of an international art festival, inviting artists, cultural producers, hackers, activists, and gender-situated communities active in the city of Berlin and in the broader field of net culture - regionally and internationally - to share and co-develop experiences, experiments and reflections in and through digital and post-digital culture.


reSource: When/Where?

The launch of the reSource initiative took place at transmediale 2012 with a constellation of workshops, talks and performances distributed into five different sub-themes: reSource methods, reSource activism, reSource networks, reSource markets and reSource sex. After transmediale 2012, the reSource extended its activity proposing a series of events to continue the dialogue further with the local and translocal communities in Berlin, towards the continuity of the festival in presentation, distribution and critical reflection in peer-to-peer development.


reSource: How?

The reSource is also a network platform, which wants to encourage the sharing and development of experiences, questions and issues, which are addressed to artistic and other communities within (and beyond) digital cultural production. The main idea is to develop mutual exchanges of methodologies and knowledge, as well as project-space experiences, investigating new ways of forming a cultural public and reflecting on the curatorial activity of transmediale festival.


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