Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray, a Bioengineering PhD at Imperial College London which was funded by a studentship from the BHF Centre of Research Excellence. He is the cofounder of a 3D bioprinting company Ourobotics which has a novel and affordable multimaterial 3D bioprinter. His background is an M.Sc. in Regenerative medicine (stem cells and biomaterials) and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Synthetic Biology.

He is currently working part-time as a visiting lecturer on the innovation design engineering postgraduate course based between the dyson school of design engineering and the royal college art and design. He will be commencing a microfluidics postdoctoral associate position based between MIT in Boston and the SMART Centre in Singapore in early 2016.

In his spare time he is working on helping to establish and organize social events for a group called biochanges. Biochanges is an interdisciplinary community of design engineers, academic and private biomakers, bioartists, biomedical researchers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, architects, and bioengineers, interested in investigating emerging ideas, projects, collaborations, and opportunities within the fields of biomaker spaces, 3D Organ Printing, synthetic biology, and biodesign-engineering.



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