The First Global unMonastery Summit

The First Global unMonastery Summit

29.01.2015 11:00
HKW - Foyer

unMonastery has been invited to initiate a gathering and regrouping of its respective networks, collaborators and allies in the city of Berlin.

As part of transmediale 2015: CAPTURE ALL, unMonastery has been invited to initiate a gathering and regrouping of its respective networks, collaborators and allies in the city of Berlin, with a view towards forging new friendships. Following from the first iteration of unMonastery, prototyped in the ancient city of Matera between January and October 2014, The Global unMonastery Summit will signal a moment of reflection, reexamination and public presentation of its efforts to date.

The summit will unfold as a trilogy woven by infrastructure space and distributed across multiple sites, with: a gathering at The Apartment, a public programme in The Foyer of transmediale and The Network, an offline network intended to connect both sites and support the localised release of The unMonastery Bios, a toolkit designed for replicating unMonastery. This composition of spaces will be used to host public workshops, informal gatherings and open dinners, disseminate the unMonastery designs and further develop the project as it continues to scale.

Each component of the summit has been designed to offer alternative forms of engagement in the unMonastery’s work through intimate discussions, remote collaboration, and participatory workshops. The summit’s individual components and scheduled events are detailed below and further information can be found on

The Apartment - The Global unMonastery Summit
[Rathenower Strasse, 5510559 Berlin, Germany]
Central to this year’s summit will be the communal apartment of the unMonasterians, utilised in the run up to the opening of transmediale as a laboratory and development space for a more nomadic iteration of unMonastic life, with unMonks living together for an intensive but short period of time in accordance with a set of predetermined, experimental vows.
The apartment itself will serve as a meeting place and informal workshop venue for two weeks; hosting dinners, conference calls with international initiatives and transforming the kitchen into a biohack lab in collaboration with Brian Degger and Rüdiger Trojok (Hackteria). Anyone will be welcome to turn up and get involved, just email us

The Foyer – The Global unMonastery Summit’s Public Programme
[Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin, Germany]
Located in the foyer of transmediale, our public programme for the Summit seeks to facilitate a space for a broad base of ideas that function as catalysts for the thinking that underpin the development of the unMonastery concept. Workshops, discussions and presentations will serve as a platform for an ecosystem of initiatives, organisations and individuals who share similar objectives and trajectories. Confirmed collaborators include: Matthew Trivett (Near Now), Vinay Gupta (Ethereum), Jay Springett (#STACKTIVISM), Hackteria, European Alternatives, Islington Mill, EdgeRyders, Matera2019 and Enclosures of New Athens.

Offline Mesh Network – The unMonastery Bios
[Connect to: unMonastery-8105]
The offline mesh network will be built during the first days of the Global Summit and serve as an openly accessible repository of documentation and a means of linking The Apartment and The Foyer in information space. The network will host a simple interface for the launch of the special, localised release for the Alpha version of the unMonastery Bios and the unMonastery Guild Ledger – a trust-based listing for global resource sharing.