The Futurity Long Conversation

The Futurity Long Conversation

05.02.2010 13:00

The conference will open on 5 February 2010 with a nonstop 9-hour Futurity Long Conversation. 21 guests will discuss projects, ideas, technologies and utopias that are already determining our future. Introduced with a keynote by Richard Barbrook.

The Futurity Long Conversation, a 9-hour relay of one-to-one conversations, brings 21 leading artists, designers, theorists, journalists and media interventionists together to discuss, contextualise and explore a multiplicity of utopias, projects and technologies crucial for the ways in which we conceive the future today. It remains open which turns these dialogues will ultimately take -- just as the future itself always eludes our grasp. The processual character of the event creates a framework which allows to experience future without predicting it. With the dialogue thus unfolding as an aesthetic, analytical and collaborative process it establishes an open space in which the audience can wander about freely between the disciplines of art, science and ecomony. The event questions the predominant way in which 'future' finds its cultural roots at a point in history where the convergence of media technologies, communication mobility and means of simultaneity eclipse the 20th century rhetoric of the future.

The event will begin with a greeting by Alexander Rose, Director of the Long Now Foundation, and a keynote by Dr Richard Barbrook.

The Futurity Long Conversation was developed in collaboration with the UK arts organisation Artangel and the Longplayer Trust, and was inspired by their work and that of The Long Now Foundation, international organisations crafting ways with which to perceive time and durational process in radically different and perhaps media technologically appropriate ways. In Long Now's approach, we are in a period which redefines the 'now' within a timespan of 10 000 years, altering our notions of future and the acceleration of progress and development. For the duration of transmediale.10 the HKW will act as a temporary sound beacon for Longplayer, Jem Finer's algorithmic musical composition, written to play in 1000 year cycles within which it never repeats.

For the duration of transmediale.10 the HKW will act as a temporary sound beacon for Longplayer, an algorithmic piece of music designed to play 1000 years without ever repeating itself composed by artist Jem Finer.

The Long Conversion is a hybrid between installation and performance which will be developed especially for transmediale.10. Through a series of visual and sonic transformations, the Award nominees Sosolimited will disassemble and recombine the experimental symposium the Futurity Long Conversation in real time revealing linguistic patterns, expose thematic content and structures.

This event will be in English language only.

All participants are listed in chronological order. The key words and statements describe the working field of the 'conversationists' and serve as a guide for the audience through the "long conversation".

13:00 Imaginary Futures Keynote: by Richard Barbrook (uk)

Order of Appearance:

14:00 - 14:22 Drew Hemment & David Link
14:22 - 14:44 David Link & Jem Finer
14:44 - 15:06 Jem Finer & Alan N. Shapiro
15:06 - 15:28 Alan N. Shapiro & Ken Rinaldo
15:28 - 15:50 Ken Rinaldo & Jan Edler
15:50 - 16:12 Jan Edler & Maja Kuzmanovic
16:12 - 16:34 Maja Kuzmanovic & Joy Tang
16:34 - 16:56 Joy Tang & Jaromil
16:56 - 17:18 Jaromil & Gustaff Harriman Iskandar
17:18 - 17:40 Gustaff Harriman Iskandar & Gabriella Giannachi
17:40 - 18:02 Gabriella Giannachi & Steve Benford
18:02 - 18:24 Steve Benford & Warren Neidich
18:24 - 18:46 Warren Neidich & Denisa Kera
18:46 - 19:08 Denisa Kera & Jimmy Loizeau
19:08 - 19:30 Jimmy Loizeau & Regine Debatty
19:30 - 19:52 Regine Debatty & Nicola Triscott
19:52 - 20:14 Nicola Triscott & Andy Cameron
20:14 - 20:36 Andy Cameron & Julian Oliver
20:36 - 20:58 Julian Oliver & Victoria Estok
20:58 - 21:20 Victoria Estok & Tapio Mäkelä
21:20 - 21:42 Tapio Mäkelä & Drew Hemment


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