The Magical Secrecy Tour: At the Stasi Museum

The Magical Secrecy Tour: At the Stasi Museum

5 June, 2014 – a year after Snowden.
8 hours by bus into the surveillance culture of Berlin, plus whistle-blowing, films and performances.

5 June, 2014 marked one year since NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was introduced to a worldwide public. On this date, transmediale/resource teamed up with N.K. Projekt and Leslie Dunton-Downer, fellow at The American Academy in Berlin, for a programme exploring Berlin as the global capital of informed response and resistance to mass surveillance.

The June 5 project interlays the contemporary and the historical to ask what Berlin's surveillance culture can teach us about the actual powers of today's data-hungry states, organisations, and corporations. By addressing this issue, the attempt is to strengthen thriving new alliances in the resistance to covert massive data collection and exploitation. The programme invites the city's current composition of courageous hackers, technology-based artists, radical politicians, lawyers, journalists, and whistleblowers to outline possible creative interceptions for the fifth estate.


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