The Mess with Tech, Sense and Thinking

The Mess with Tech, Sense and Thinking

07.02.2016 15:00
Hybrid Event
Café Stage

initiated by Ursula Damm, Hannes Brunner, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, supported by Darsha Hewitt, Martin Schneider

The act of making a decision can be seen as a personal act of independence. But how is the decision-making process affected by our increasing dependences on networked systems? When we relate to a group, whether online or off, our behavior is conditioned. Given the omnipresence of social media and technologically mediated communication, are we liberated by our social decisions or oppressed? Is it possible to make a decision freely? (And was it ever?) Within the event Mess with Tech: Sense and Thinking, the conditions of communication today will be explored through building tools and devices to create sensory networks. Performative practices in mediated and unmediated environments will be explored.

The project is the outcome of a collaboration between students from Bauhaus University, Weimar and Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin. Initiated by Ursula Damm, Hannes Brunner, Mindaugas Gapševičius. Other contributions by Klaus Fritze, Vaclav Karel Harsa, Darsha Hewitt, Martin Schneider, Maria Turik.

Contributions by: Emilio Aguas, Dovilė Aleksaitė, Michal Banasik, Rama Bielewski, Leon Billerbeck, Christian Doeller, Maria Degand, Liese Endler, Michael Fischer, Artur Gasior, Yvonne Götzl, Paul Haas, Meike Halle, Esben Holk Nielsen, Yawen Huang, Stephan Isermann, Francis Kamprath, Stefanie Kägi, Leo Koppelkamm, Eri Kubo, Sonja Ofen, Ioannis Oriwol, Azusena Sanchez, Matthias Schäfer, Marco Schröder, Rachel Smith, Remi Suda, Tanja Szallies, Adrian Taraszkiewicz, Mirce Velarde-Liljehult, Tim Vischer and others.