This is Tomorrow

This is Tomorrow

01.02.2014 11:00
Café Stage

Winchester School of Art students will exhibit a copy of the This is Tomorrow exhibition, presented first in the afterglow of post-war Britain at Whitechapel Art Gallery (1956)

HOW IS IT TO BE DONE? (Not What is to be done?)
How to? A question of means.
(Tiquun 2010)

How does material or information pass through the generations? As affect, as engram, as copy: mediated by the technologies of its reproduction? Shaped like a stone in a stream or lifted out of its temporal context as a fragment, an interruption or new controversy? In 1956 the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London presented This is Tomorrow in the afterglow of post-war Britain, framed by the rubble of east-end London. In 2014 at transmediale, Winchester School of Art students will exhibit a copy of this exhibition: A reconstruction as speculative tool, an 'intelligent response', a proposition to its predecessor, to the question of afterglow, and of the topological relation between the field of appearance and that of reality. By extension it provokes a question aimed very much at the future: How is it to be done?

Temporary exhibition