Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research 2013


Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research 2013

For the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research 2013 jury members Kristoffer Gansing, Marcel Rene Marburger and Lioudmila Voropai have selected the new resident Pinar Yoldas and her project An Ecosystem of Excess.

The Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research supports projects and activities which are simultaneously conceptual and practice-based. The programme is geared towards the initiation of new research or to the further development of existing projects. It is offered in cooperation with the Flusser Archive at the University of Arts (UDK) in Berlin.


This year, our resident Pinar Yoldas and her project An Ecosystem of Excess have been selected.

Project Description

An Ecosystem of Excess starts in the Pacific Trash Vortex. Discovered in 1985 by Captain Charles Moore, this site is a floating nexus of plastic waste covering roughly 5000 km² area of the Pacific. Pacific Trash Vortex is a monument of plastic waste at a global scale. Referring to Kantian aesthetics, it is a truly 'sublime' kinetic sculpture built by all the nations around the Pacific Ocean over many years of mindless, unsustainable consumption.| Read more.


Next Events

Saturday, 28 September 2013, 13:00-18:00, Speculative Biology Workshop: The Design of Biological Systems and Neo-organs, Art Laboratory Berlin
Unlike man, nature expresses efficiency through complexity, where each organism seeks new ways to exploit resources, and to defend against being 'exploited' in turn. And now man, a creature who would become the supreme exploiter, has in the last few centuries radically changed the equation. Pumping hydrocarbons out of the earth to run manifold industries, and produce energy for profit and leisure, we are not only changing the face of the earth, but also the atmosphere, and with it the climate - which in turn has set off an almost endless set of reactions throughout the biological systems of the planet. | Read more.


Thursday, 3 October 2013, 19:00, Artist Talk with Pinar Yoldas, Art Laboratory Berlin

Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist and researcher with a background in architecture, interface design, computing and neuroscience. Her work investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. She is the 2013/14 resident at the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme for Artistic Research, run by transmediale and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). | Read more.


Jury Statement

The project An Ecosystem of Excess by Pinar Yoldas approaches the problem of “man-made extreme environments” like landfills, junkyards etc. caused by an excessive consumerism. The aftermath of environmental pollution as a consequence of immense industrial and technological waste became an established subject of debates in the public discourse of recent years. | Read more.


Images: Pinar Yoldas 


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