Visual identity transmediale

1 transmediale logo

The official transmediale logo is free to be used by official partners of transmediale. Please let us know where it will be placed. 

Logo transmediale Berlin   

For bright backgrounds
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 Logo transmediale Berlin
For dark backgrounds
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2 transversal symbol

This symbol reflects our commitment to a transversal approach to cultural, technological and artistic thematics. It is freely and creatively integrated in most official communication activities produced by transmediale. The use of this symbol by partners and friends is optional and only additional to the use of the transmediale logo (1) if not agreed differently with transmediale. 

transmediale transversial symbol


transmediale transversal symbol

transmediale transversial symbol 

3 wording

There are some terms and phrases that shall be used in a certain way and should not be varied:
transmediale – short version, always with a small letter t
transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin – offical wording
transmediale/art&digitalculture – written logo
transmediale/archive – if specifically referring to the archive