Visitors may try out this new “miscommunication platform” from Telekommunisten and their collaborators Linda Raffree and Juan Botero. WhiteSave.me is a satirical communication tool that questions white privilege, technological solutionism, and the imbalances built into algorithms and digital culture. The project enables white men to help non-whites to succeed in life without disrupting existing systems and long-standing traditions. In order to participate in the WhiteSave.me experience, a person first needs to prove his or her qualification to be a “White Savior” through the “whiteness detector.” Depending on whether the person is determined to be white or not, they are matched with a ”White Savior” or a non-white “Savee”.

The presentation of whitesave.me at transmediale 2016 is part of the series of “miscommunication platforms” that the group Telekommunisten has integrated in transmediale festivals since 2012. The miscommunication platform is an ongoing series of works investigating social relations embedded in communication technologies.

Innovation and good intentions are the key! We are unlocking the door to ending inequality through smart, game-changing, and scalable design ideas. Check out WhiteSave.me today!



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