Jurystament: Vilém Flusser Theory Award


Jurystament: Vilém Flusser Theory Award

In order to reflect the increasing significance of theoretical and critical practice works submitted for the transmediale Award competition, the festival has introduced the Vilém Flusser Theory Award.

Continental Drift is a blog and an evolving book project. It does not only offer a speculative investigation of events, histories, theories and projects, but also raises concepts for discussion and examines them in the context of current events within the global aesthetic and political arena. Brian Holmes is a collaborative writer, critic and activist using his intuitive understanding of art, as well as a good measure of hope, to work towards change for the better. Continental Drift is a continuous writing project, a 'book factory', a platform for communication, a tool that enables quick responses, an open resource and a manifesto. Its ongoing process of constantly working towards another book ensures that the writing is always charged with energy, optimism and critical vigour. The blog, as such, outlines a production process that is evolving and theoretical but also practice-engaged. The blog is dedicated to a wide thematic range, from cybernetics and geopolitics, to new media art and political activism – via Guattari – new subjectivities and much more.


Originally trained as a linguist, Denis Rojo (Jaromil) is an artist, theorist and programmer who is currently based in Amsterdam. Through his support for the development and distribution of free and open software, he tries to overcome existing restrictions and borders, whether economic, social or scientific. Taking an alternative stance to 'profit and power' oriented apparatuses, he is strongly engaged in building networks as a means of sharing tools—choosing to view knowledge as a dialogical and non-hierarchical process. By channelling personal insights into collaborative action, he shows a deep understanding for the problems of our time and possible solutions.



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