transmediale.10 Performances


transmediale.10 Performances

With a magnificant performance programme transmediale.10 offers the rare opportunity to enjoy many outstanding events of acclaimed international audiovisual performers and musicians such as Ryoji Ikeda, Charlemage Palestine, artificiel, Atom_TM, Feng Mengbo as well as great local artists from Berlin.

"We were making the future ... and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!" (HG Wells, 1899)
The transmediale.10 Performance programme presents a range of concerts and events acting as auditory and performative interrogations of FUTURITY NOW!. Including six events in collaboration with CTM reflecting their theme 'Overlap', the concerts feature some of the most important figures working within music and sound today. Each night of the festival new, and in some cases rare performances by Ryoji Ikeda, artificiel, Jürgen Reble with Thomas Köner, Atom_TM, FM3_Zhang, and Feng Mengbo will highlight the most experimental intersections between audiovisual culture and digital art. Charlemagne Palestine will open the festival with a special performance written for one of the most unusual instruments in Europe - the Tiergarten Carillon. In addition, transmediale.10 Award nominees Sosolimited will unveil an entirely new work, using ground-breaking text and visual analysis tools, as a tandem live coding performance of the The Long Conversation.
At 19:00 each evening, the Cafe Global Stage at the House of World Cultures will be brought to life by a series of performances. transmediale is proud to present the world première of La Chambre Des Machines by Nicholas Bernier and Martin Messier, plus unique interpretations of works featuring Matthias Fritsch, Rachida Ziani and Dewi de Vree, and Andrea Lange. Some of Berlin's finest talent in the form of Pe Lang, Benjamin Laurent Aman and Lord Cry Cry will close each evening with a special sound landscape exploring the post-avant-garde of audio culture.

La Chambre Des Machines by Martin Messier and Nicolas Bernier with intonarumoris mdae by Alexandre Landry


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