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28 January – 5 February 2011
TRACE:ABILITY: Events, lectures, exhibition & installation

Vernissage: 28 January 2011

c-base e.V.
Opening times: Daily 19:00 – late


28 January – 5 February 2011
TRACE:ABILITY: Events, lectures, exhibition & installation

Vernissage: 28 January 2011, 20:30

Exhibitions: 28 January - 5 February 2011: SPACEgarage exhibition; 31 January - 3 February 2011: lumiBots media art installation

With: lumiBots by Mey Lean Kronemann, SPACEgarage, dorkbot.bln, John Kameel Farah (composer-pianist), Freifunk Berlin, DISMALWARE by monochrom & Telekommunisten, #TasseBier by Blogrebellen, Videoamt (jocognito) and more. Curated by Gregor Sedlag (c-base conceptioneer), production by Sven Wagner.
c-base e. V., Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin
Opening times: Daily 19:00 – late
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Admission free to transmediale.11 Festival and/or CTM (club transmediale) guests.

Underneath Berlin-Mitte, the relics of a space station from the future were discovered in 1995. Upon this revelation a group of researchers, activists, artists and enthusiasts founded the association known as c-base. Their aim is to find new TRACES to enable the further examination and possible reconstruction of this presumably most unique cultural heritage of the future humankind.

January 28
19:00 Vernissage exhibition SPACEgarage by Anna Gatjal, Neven Dološ und Doris Hansen (running til February 5). Introduction by Ariane Blankenburg (Artport Berlin)
20:30 Starting event YUG transmediale.11 "Video Traces" by Videoamt (jocognito)

January 30
20:30 Screening "SPACEgarage_first event_LIFT OFF" video documentary

January 31

20:30 dorkbot.bln - "Doing Strange Things with Electricity" feat. blinkendroid, Buchscann0r, Open Design City & lumiBots
23:00 Vernissage lumiBots media art installation by Mey Lean Kronemann (running till February 3) - Entrance fee: €5,00

February 1
20:30 "Unfolding", John Kameel Farah: piano, laptop, synthesizers
Canadian virtuoso composer-pianist John Kameel Farah performs a hybrid of a space-age piano concerto, free jazz, experimental Drum&Bass and Arabic music - Entrance fee: € 5,00

February 2
19:30 Hackerspac Talks & presentations feat. Freifunk Berlin, Berlin Android Stammtisch, Ubuntu-Berlin Stammtisch

February 3
20:30 DISMALWARE – "Toxics! Surveillance! Exploitation! Oh my!"
An antivirus toolkit for your liberal Western brain: Delete, skip or quarantine? A deep scan by monochrom and Telekommunisten with Baruch Gottlieb, Daniel Kulla, Dmytri Kleiner, Mark Surman, Johannes Grenzfurthner and Paolo Pedrecu (aka Pod …) Entrance fee: €5,00
23:00 Finissage lumiBots media art installation by Mey Lean Kronemann

February 4

17:00 "Roboter bauen" Workshop by c-base robolab

17:00 Roboter Workshop (2-3h), Construction-Kit fee: € 30,00. Registration: facebook.com/event.php?eid=149285971793317&index=1 or community.c-base.org/groups/robolab

19:00 mobile freidae "MeeGo & Beyond" feat. art effect contest DigiMediaIL iEnsemble transmediale development meeting. mobilefreidae.org
22:00 Blogrebellen: Hörbar feat. #Tassebier
DJs: Tanith, Saetchmo (Blogrebellen & #Tassebier Resident, Style: Reggae, Dub & Dubstep)
Walter Marinelli (Blogrebellen & #Tassebier Resident, Style: Ragga & Cosmic Disco);
Live: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (Ambient, Dub, Dubtechno); Visuals: fALk(prototypen.com)

February 5

19:00 Finissage exhibition SPACEgarage
20:30 Closing event YUG transmediale.11 "Video Traces" by Videoamt (jocognito)

For information on the full programme visit c-base.org. Access free to transmediale.11 festival and/or CTM (club transmediale) guests.


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