Currency of the Commons

Currency of the Commons

FlattrOffice_Linus OlssonCC_BY_NC_SA
FlattrOffice_Linus OlssonCC_BY_NC_SA

THE CURRENCY OF THE COMMONS The Price and Value of Free Culture


Until recently, one would never have thought to connect Free Culture with money making. But ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘free from price’ or ‘free from worth’ – quite the opposite. However, the traditional business plan as a reference point for this sector is also very limited. How can an estimation of worth be made of someone who gives away all of their possessions in order to feel good? How can cultural value be identified and measured? And what new forms of trade and income are created by digital culture? In this workstation, temporary shops are opened and short-term value transfer systems are presented in the form of alternative banks. For the duration of the festival, visitors can, in this part of the Open Zone, meet media activists and see visions of an alternative economy successfully implemented.

Workshops and presentations:

· The Future of Money by & with Jay Cousins and Gabriel Shalom
· Flattr / Creative Fundraising and Microfunding Initiatives by & with Peter Sunde
· thimbl by & with Dmytri Kleiner
· Mapping Money and Meaning by & with Eric Poettschacher
· The Cult of Less by & with Kelly Sutton


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