ExtraFile by Kim Asendorf
© Kim Asendorf

Image file format software for Mac OS X. Presentation format: Three live videos documenting the workings of the different formats.
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More than 60 years ago, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) took control of the newly born world of digital media and basically forced artists to use formats like .jpeg, .png and .tiff when creating images. In 2011, Kim Asendorf rebelled against this rationalization of image file formats that ISO represents. ExtraFile looks like a normal image converter for Mac OS X that can open and save most of the common formats, but it actually offers the possibility to save your images in seven “artistic” formats: 4BC (vintage digital), BASCII (1bit format), XFF (base format), CCI (RGB), BLINX (stable recreation), MCF (monochrome) and USPEC (weird and colorful). As a result, the user will have new, corrupted glitch files characterized by colorful and dynamic aesthetics of unpredictability.


Working with ExtraFile allows artists, or any creative person for that matter, to personalize their works beyond ISO restrictions and make them more exclusive and unique in their imperfection.


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