Keynote: DoRadical Futures

Keynote: DoRadical Futures

02.02.2014 18:00

Explore technology’s impact on everyday life via the seducing imagination of the possible

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Welcome to the world of Sputniko! transmediale invites you to explore technology’s impact on everyday life via the works of Sputniko!. Artist, performer, computer scientist and programmer, Sputniko! will present her seducing imaginative universe, the practice of a radical Doraemon which spreads technologies of the future into the world. Playing with the interconnections between art and gender taboos, imaginative design and the creative potential of technological artifacts, songs and videos about machines designed by herself, Sputniko! shows how design can be a tool for experiencing the controversies of our everyday life, and most of all, how we can open doors of playful imagination, even if dealing with serious topics. Her devices, such as The Moonwalk Machine – Selena’s Step (2013), Nanohana Heels – Healing Fukushima (2012), Crowbot Jenny (2011) and Menstruation Machine – Takashi’s Take (2010), bring together different critical scenarios by playing with Japanese mainstream entertainment, the art of coding, and the fascination of the experience of the possible.


Tatiana Bazzichelli and Katrien Jacobs introduce and moderate the event.


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