Single Line Labyrinths

Single Line Labyrinths

Single Line Labyrinths by Ignacio Urinate
Courtesy Figge von Rosen Galerie Köln & Berlin, Nogueras Blanchard Barcelona

The black and white line drawing by Ignacio Uriate seems to form a highly complex labyrinth, but the tricky geometric pattern actually follows very basic, predetermined rules and evolves from a single circular line made by coloring the cells of an Excel sheet black rather than typing in letters and numbers.


Inspired by the creative moments that occur when executing a routine job and drawing from his personal experience from work in the field of business administration, Uriate produces labor-intensive images using the same tools and methods any office employee would use to perform his daily tasks, for example, Excel which is used in offices all over the world to keep things—mostly of a financial nature—in balance and order. With its oval-shape the labyrinth becomes a metaphorical mirror deflecting the Excel logic towards other obsessive and disturbing ends. Rather than making sense of numbers, it is an image of getting lost

and—like the office worker at his desk working with the endless number of columns and rows—the feeling that there is no way out.


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