MACHT GESCHENKE: DAS KAPITAL - Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

MACHT GESCHENKE: DAS KAPITAL - Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

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Since 25 May 2009, Lahr has transferred 1 cent daily to the German Federal Ministry of Finance via an online bank transfer. In the 'reason for payment' box, the alotted 108 characters are used to transcribe Karl Marx's 'CAPITAL – A Critique of Political Economy'. Over time the entire book will be transcribed via online banking to the central account of the German State at the Federal Bank.

The transfer of 15 709 cents and 1 696 500 characters will take 43 years. The increase in capital value by interest rates, the amount of work, life duration and cultural and symbolic capital have not been taken into account. The work is Lahr's gift to the people, appointed to the budget of the Federal Republic of Germany, securely kept in the archive and administrated by voted representatives.

Every transfer is documented with a screenshot, printed once, signed and given to a single citizen. By copying Marx's 'DAS KAPITAL' onto transparent paper, the artist removes single characters and creates an illegible notation that consists of numbers and numerical characters.

If it would be possible to freeze the present German financial deficit of  € 1 746 599 197 210, Lahr's gift would cancel out this amount in approximately 300 years due to the exponential effects of inflation and compound interest rates.



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