Collaborative Futures


Collaborative Futures

Collaborative Futures, die dritte Publikation der transmediale, wurde während des Book Sprint im Januar 2010 von sechs Autoren kollaborativ verfasst. Es wurde unter der Schirmherrschaft der transmediale entwickelt und von FLOSS Manuals realisiert. 

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Adam Hyde, Mike Linksvayer, Alan Toner, Marta Peirano, Michael Mandiberg und Mushon Zer-Aviv (Hrsg.)
© Copyright: 2010
144 Seiten, Englisch

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As new technologies come into play, people become less and less convinced of the importance of self expression. Teamwork succeeds private effort.

Marshall McLuhan

Between 17 – 23 January 2010 transmediale, together with FLOSS Manuals, hosted an experimental and thematic Book Sprint, an intensive and innovative methodology for the rapid development of books. Six people were locked in a room in Berlin's IMA Design Village for five days to produce a book with the sole guiding meme being the title – Collaborative Futures. They had to create the concept, write the book, and output it to print in 5 days.

Collaborative Futures was facilitated by Adam Hyde and written by Mike Linksvayer, Alan Toner, Marta Peirano, Michael Mandiberg and Mushon Zer-Aviv with a number of guests who contributed chapters and passages. The process opened up a new and networked discussion focusing on a new vocabulary of the forms, media and goals of collaborative digital practice. As the transmediale.10 publication the Book Sprint was based on an idea by Adam Hyde and Stephen Kovats to enact the festival notion of futurity in the form of a flash publication.

Collaborative Futures was created using the alpha version of the booki platform by Aleksandar Erkalovic, developed in part and tested live and on-site during the Book Sprint.

The contents of the book are now available online, and a special limited edition of 200 copies featuring a cover designed by Laleh Torabi are available for sale during transmediale.10

Das englischsprachige Buch kann hier gelesen werden.

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