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Julien Maire: Diapositives
Julien Maire: Diapositives

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Julien Maire has inserted miniature kinetic gadgets within 5 x 5 cm large slide frames which, when they are projected, become gigantic cinematographic machines. A reversed camera that does not portray reality but depicts a shadowy vision using a real object.

archive.transmediale.de/01/en/performance.htm (transmediale website archive)


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By directly projecting a three dimensional object, mechanism in order to obtain a picture, this work (mechanisms in slide-form, or "Diapositives"), is experimenting with a different kind of cinema.
The presence of objects and elements in the slide creates its own live action. The spectator shuttles constantly between his view of the projected object and his supposition of what is really contained in the projector.
The image projected is by definition weightless. By introducing real elements I am attempting to give it a particular physical consistency.
This first work with slides is presented during a thirty minutes projection-performance which includes about twenty devices. Each "Slide" describe a very short story and the projection (with an adapted slide projector) juxtaposing them in an experimental production.

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[01] Julien Maire: Diapositives

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