Joan Leandre

Joan Leandre

Joan Leandre, photo: The Influencers festival Barcelona

Joan Leandre, media translator and interpreter, has been a member of the OVNI Archives since 1992. Between the years 1994 and 1996 Leandre worked in the media interruption / continuity Analog Series mAp (Mega Assemble Project), Zero Foundation and Serial Monuments. From 1995 until 1997 he worked on the Oigo Rom Mega Assemble Project, and was later involved in the President Archives node. In 1999 he developed some software reversing techniques using commercial digital-distraction products such as computer games resulting in the series retroyou RC Fuck the Gravity Code, retroyou RC Butterfl y Overfl ow and retroyou nostal(G) phoenix West. Some unfi nished projects are Deep Boot and the long ongoing series retroyou nostalg2. Other collective projects include the Babylon Archives and Velvet Strike. Leandre is now developing the impossible ‘In the Name of Kernel’ series, a desperate effort to escape the mass media nonsense gravity sphere in search of the true unknown.


Joan Leandre at transmediale archive

transmediale.04 – Fly Utopia! [exhibition] The Observatory Archives (with OVNI)
transmediale.04 – Fly Utopia! [film/video] The Babylon Archives (with OVNI)
transmediale.02 – go public! [exhibition] retroYou r/c


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Photo: The Influencers festival Barcelona


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