RESPONSE: ACTIVITIES – Strategies of Political Participation


The Internet has evolved from the carefree online playground of the nineties to become a contested area of social and political action. In accordance with the festival theme, RESPONSE:ABILITY, a broad range of political activities is examined in this workstation. There is a particular focus on the activist potential available to each individual that can be used to make lasting changes – provided there is an awareness of their own responsibilities. In various workshops and presentations, projects and people from around the world concerned with making a difference – by giving a voice to those who would otherwise remain unheard or by working for the open web and open access to knowledge – are presented. All these initiatives demonstrate, in the end, the need to fully understand the Internet. It is more than the sum of our private social contacts and on-demand content – the Internet is our extended road, a public space whose survival we should all support.

Workshops and presentations:
· Tactical Tech Activism, Through the Iris, Drawing by Numbers by & with Marek Tuszinsky & Stephanie Hankey from Tactical Tech
· Repetitionr by & with Les Liens Invisibles
· Response:Activities – Strategies of Political Participation by & with Allen Gunn
· Booki by Adam Hyde, Douglas Bagnall & Aleksandar Erkalovic, with Adam Hyde
· Drumbeat Workshop and Consultancy Bureau by Mozilla Drumbeat, with Henrik Moltke & Mark Surman
· Government 2.0 by & with Daniel Dietrich and Christian Kreutz
· Facebook Resistance Presentation by & with Tobias Leingruber
· Global Voices Online by & with Sami Ben Gharbia and Solana Larsen